Cement tiles

The use of cement can be traced back to the ancient Minoans of Crete. The Romans used it in many large scale projects. We offer this classic material in a range of beautifully patterned tiles. We have designs from sedate to bold. At TILE IT UP NOW! We have them all.

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  • 1. It starts with a visit: Come in and meet with one of our advisors. They will show you around, answer your questions. Bring your ideas.
  • 2. Help us focus: Do you have any magazine photos of spaces that excite your senses? How about floor plans or sketches? Maybe, a paint sample of the color you would like to compliment or match. We don’t need much to get the process moving ahead.
  • 3. Pulling it together: That is what we do! You will leave knowing that you have accomplished more in a shorter time frame than you thought possible.
  • 4. Place your order: Your on to your next task knowing that you have seen enough options to be confident in your selections.